Infant sodomy: Scenes from the gates of hell

Ayatollah Khomeini was the Supreme Leader of Iran from 1979 to 1989. In Iran, the religious leader has unlimited powers. Khomeini was a genuine tyrant and a beast whose persecution of people did not limit itself only to the physical sphere, but the tyrannical and extremist shiite theocracy he founded, has left deep scars in the souls of the Iranian people, not to mention the victims of international terrorism sponsored by Iran. On that same track is now following the current Supreme Leader, Ayatollah Khamenei.


Khomeini and Khamenei, similar names, similar tyranny. 

Khomeini is also remembered by his fatwa to murder Salman Rushdie. This fatwa, (a religious edict), started a new era for Islam to attack directly the freedom of speech and expression in the west by means of intimidation and violence. For some time now, we have been in a situation where Islam no longer merely threatens, but also executes its threats. ( Charlie Hebdo, Theo van Gogh and many more.) On the other hand, terror and violence is not a new phenomena in Islam, but rather one of its corner stones. False accusations of islamophobia is another way of silencing and stigmatising critics of Islam.

Below, some of the most memorable phrases and sex fatwas by Ayatollah Khomeini.

¨Islam must be serious in every way. There are no jokes, no laughter, no joy in Islam.¨

The Rushdie Fatwa: ¨ The Satanic Verses is a book against Islam, the prophet and the koran. The writer and the people participating in the publishing while knowing the book’s contents, are sentenced to death. I urge all muslims to execute them where ever you may meet them.¨


¨Man can have sexual intercourse with animals, such as cow, sheep, camel. However, after his orgasm he must kill the animal. He is not to sell the meet to the people of his own village but instead, he can sell the meet to the people of a neighbouring village.¨


If a man is sodomising a cow, a sheep or a camel, the animal’s urine will become impure and their milk can no longer be consumed. The animal must be killed immediately and its corpse burned.¨


¨A man can marry an infant who is still being breastfed. But he can not have intercourse before she is 9 years old. However, other kind of sex is allowed, including foreplay, rubbing, kissing and SODOMY.¨



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